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    20 Foods to Avoid for a Flat Belly

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    Stumbling is not falling.


    Abdominal fats are one of the hardest parts of the body to eliminate. You might be wondering why all the work out and healthy food you are following did not give you the flat stomach you are dreaming of. The key is in your eating habits. There are specific foods you should avoid to get rid of that belly fat and flaunt it with a crop top and jogger pants. No rush, begin with little changes, and you’ll see the results eventually. It’s worth the discipline and patience.



    1. Chewing gum


    It may not sound food to you, but it can be a black sheep to your dream belly. The stomach perceives the act of chewing a piece of gum as a preparation for a more prominent meal which can make you feel hungry. From the previous researchers, the sugar that gum contains may result in additional weight and overproduction of stomach acid.
    2. High-sodium foods


    Everything that is canned from soup, veggies, and seafood are high-sodium. They have a wide variety of selection where cereals and spaghetti sauces can be included too. They are destructive for our health as they preserve fluids that will hinder you from losing the fat in your abdomen. High levels of sugar and salt can also affect people with high blood pressure.



    3. Fast food


    We are all warned about the harmful effects of fast food on our body that ranges from heart disease to cancer. One of the top negative results of eating fast food is obesity. Now, how are you going to nail that flat belly if you love fast food so much? Come on. You can do it. Delete that fast food app and number from your phone.

    4. Alcohol


    You might think that the culprit why alcohol is on the list is the calories it contains. It is included but not the main reason. Consuming alcohol will confuse your brain from the feeling of being full. It explains why you always want to have a snack beside you while drinking. The more you drink, the more bites you consume. The worst thing is, you won’t be aware of it.


    5. Soft drinks


    Do not be perceived by those low-calorie beverages. You should also stop consuming them together with cola and soda because they slow down your metabolism which causes you to gain fat. The carbonation it contains is the one responsible for drawing gas to your intestines and stomach. I understand that this is hard to let go, but you should if you want that flat stomach.



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