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    50 Famous People Who Killed Their Careers in Seconds

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    Confidence, like art, never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions.


    Celebrities can make their career skyrocket or flush it down the drain. Rising to prominence in Hollywood is not so easy. It takes a lot of effort and probably kissing ass! So when a star breaks his or her career due to adverse actions or making terrible films, it will be hard to turn back and redo things. Issues with bad behavior and failed movies are like scars to celebrities that will be hard to remove. People and especially the media will bring those epic fails to picture all the time. So redeeming self will be extra hard for celebrities. Here is a list of the 50 actors and actresses who killed their careers.



    1.) John Travolta From Movie Grease


    During his younger years, John Travolta is a face that is always on the television or movies. He was first recognized in Pulp Fiction and the film Face/Off. One thing he did wrong was to take part in the sci-fi movie called Battlefield Earth that was cited by many critics as the worst movie ever made.


    2.) Mel Gibson From The Movie The Lethal Weapon


    This actor was one of the best actors in his time. His films including Braveheart and the Lethal Weapon were two of the highest grossing movies. However, it only took him one night to put his career away. He was arrested for DUI and to make matters worst, he ranted sexist remarks and racism.



    3.) Chris O’Donnell From The Movie Mad Love


    Chris O’Donnell is definitely one of the hunk actors in Hollywood. His career started in the 90s when he starred in films including Blue Sky, School Ties, and Mad Love. But, when he joined the cast of Batman & Robin by Joel Schumacher, his promising career ended in an instant.

    4.) Jamie Kennedy From The Film King Of The Hill


    During the 90s, Jamie Kennedy was one of the actors who have the potential to be successful. He was a comedian, a screenwriter, a producer, and actor. When he agreed to take the role of the Son Of The Mask, a movie that didn’t do well, his career fell and hasn’t really recovered.


    5.) Shia LaBeouf From The Movie Transformers


    Among Shia LaBeouf’s films are Fury, Man Down, American Honey, And the Transformers movie franchise. Starring on those films earned him fame and the path to being one of the sought actors. However, he cannot control being drunk in public and screaming profanity to the police. He has never been cast again due to bad behavior.




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