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    Top 50 Low Carbs Diet Help You Reduce 10 Pounds within 30 Days

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    Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.


    There will be impressive health benefits if you cut down carbs. By taking the right kind of food items at a right time and in the right quantity, hunger levels can be reduced. The weight loss occurs automatically. As per studies, it was proven that by taking low carbo diet, you could experience significant weight loss than the low-fat diet. By cutting carbs, the metabolism will be speeded up. Blood sugar levels, triglycerides, and blood pressure levels will decrease. You can implement a low carb diet very easily. You should take real foods and avoid processed foods so that there will be greater control of your health.



    You can go through the 50 low carb food items listed below so that your health will be very much enhanced:

    1. Vegetables


    Leafy greens and vegetables are low in carb. Most of the vegetables contain plenty of fiber so that the digestive system will be very much enhanced. You can avoid starchy food items such as potato and sweet potato as they are high in carbs. You can consume fresh organic vegetables on a daily basis to supply various kinds of nutrients to your body.

    1. Tomatoes


    There will be just 4% of carbs in every 100 grams of tomato. They are widely used in the preparation of various kinds of dishes and sandwiches. You can cut them in the elegant shape and decorate food items as well. They are rich in fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K. You can consume these on a daily basis.



    1. Nuts and Seeds

    nuts and seeds

    You can eat nuts and seeds if you focus on low carb food items. However, you should understand the fact that these are rich in fat, protein, fiber, and micronutrients. You can consider nuts for snacking. Bread and baked foods are prepared by using nut flours and seed flours.

    1. Onions


    There will be 9 grams of carbs for every 100 grams of onion. They are used for cooking on a daily basis. Onions contain fiber, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds. They have excellent taste. Hence, they are used widely in the preparation of various kinds of curries.

    1. Brussels Sprouts

    Brussel sprouts

    These are very nutritious and are related to kale and broccoli. With very high vitamin C and vitamin K potential, you will enjoy numerous health benefits. You can find only 7 grams of carbs in 100 grams of Brussel sprouts.



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